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Benco Foods is an 80-acre farm at Macgregor MB purchased in 2017 by Benjamin ?, who started converting it to an organic operation immediately. He grew up on an organic farm nearby, where the family worked together raising organic grains, edible beans and cattle using crop rotations and plow downs. Now on his own farm, Benjamin finds deeper meaning in the old saying "take care of your land and your land will take care of you," and he enjoys working together with nature to produce good food. In addition to Red Fife wheat and flour, Benco Foods produces oats, pinto beans, wheat, rye, potatoes, strawberries, carrots, onions, some other garden produce, and Manitoba maple syrup. The farm sells directly to consumers as much as possible and aims to make good food more trustworthy and affordable to people all over Manitoba.
Red Fife Wheat Flour. Multiple product options available: 2
C$22.00 / pc - 5 kg
C$44.00 / pc - 10 kg
Red Fife Wheat Berries
C$15.00 / pc - 4.5 kg
C$15.00 / pc - 4.5 kg
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