Suppliers of Prairie Routes

Borderland Agriculture is owned and operated by Brooks and Jen White along with our two young children. Found in the extreme southwestern corner of Manitoba, we are a 5th generation family farm with a location at Lyleton and Pierson. We are fortunate to still have the 4th generation (Ron and Wendy) active on the home farm. The name of the farm represents our location with the land bordering both Saskatchewan and North Dakota. The farm is always busy with the diversity of enterprises and at times of the year involves a team of 8+ people all working towards the vision of our operation: "Regenerate".
Nestled in the rolling hills and forests of Riding Mountain near Erickson, Manitoba, Tamarack Farms raise a diverse range of plants and animals, including quinoa and other grains, pastured heritage pigs, native grasses and forbs, and hay for local cattle feed. Fitting our farming activities into the natural and biodiverse landscape is very important here, so as to maintain local elk populations, aspen parkland forests, and beaver ponds and creeks. In 2017, one quarter of our farm gained certified organic status. Our quinoa and other grains are certified organic as of the fall of 2018. These foods are safe in gluten-intolerant diets.
Adagio Acres is a small family farm of 80 acres located in the Interlake region of Manitoba. Crops are grown organically, relying on long rotations with perennial grasses to manage weeds and build soil health instead of using chemicals, and fertilize fields with manure to help close the nutrient loop. They also place high value on natural biodiversity and maintaining natural habitat for wildlife. Small fields are interspersed with marshland and forests, making them excellent habitat for deer, elk, coyotes, birds, and insects.
Dan and Fran DeRuyck offer a broad range of organic, fresh-milled, whole grain flours, whole grains, flakes, and birdseeds, that they grow on their multi-generational, regenerative organic, integrated nature conservancy and research farm at Treherne, Manitoba. All of these flours are created by milling the whole grain. Nothing is removed or added.
Food Ethos Farm is committed to bringing value to customers by conveniently providing the highest quality meats, and farming with the utmost passion for ecological and social regeneration of the Prairies!
Did you know that one serving of pulses counts as both a protein and a vegetable? Deliciously seasoned and roasted pulse snacks from Three Farmers are a smart treat to keep on hand. They are satisfying and sustainable! The fields where these crops grow are teeming with biodiversity, thanks to the pioneering work of Three Farmers implementing regenerative agriculture.
Verde Juice Bar isn’t just a juice bar, but a way of life. A hub for health, wellness, and positivity. The company is committed to using the highest quality organic ingredients available because it is deserved. Verde Juice is a way for everyone to feel welcome to be themselves and for every interaction to become an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Each bottle of cold-pressed juice contains 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables.
Ploughshares is an intentional community made up of several families sharing a stunning property on the banks of the river near Beausejour. They raise vegetables, some crops and small livestock, and press organic sunflower seed into oil.
Nature's Farm is a family-owned egg farm, artisanal pasta shop, and fine food retail establishment, based in Steinbach, Manitoba. Hermann and Sheryl have been producing eggs since 1987, working tirelessly to pioneer sustainable farming practices, ensure humane animal treatment, and deliver quality food products.
located in Dugald right on Highway 15, is well known amongst Winnipeg chefs and the local Springfield community as an excellent butcher store preparing locally raised, hand-crafted and superior quality meats and prepared foods.
Sweet Prairie Greens is a year-round microgreen farm offering Winnipeg and surrounding areas a variety of fresh and tasty greens and other varieties of produce. Prairie Routes carries the pea and triton radish microgreens, and live trays of wheatgrass.
Stoney Brook Creamery is all about good food, beginning with the soil that grows the food that feeds the cows. More than anything else, we want you to have access to delicious, pure, fresh organic dairy. That's hard to find, we know. Maybe one day that will change, but for now, we're here to help those of you who know what a difference organic, quality food makes. If you're making changes in your life, be it to support local, to support the ecology of our land, to support your health or your family's, to support your farmers, or for any other plethora of reasons, we're with you. We get our dairy here, and we fill our fridges and cupboards with food from local, organic sources, too. So we understand the challenge. Stoney Brook Creamery is here for all of these reasons, to contribute in our own small way, in our own small corner of the world, together with you. We all have a story about how our food matters. What's yours?
One of the only remaining small town Creameries in Canada, Notre Dame Creamery, crafts conventionally churned style butter in small batches from its original facility built in 1921 in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Manitoba, by St. Boniface Dairy.
Fieldstone Organics is a group of individuals drawn together by a passion for whole grains, legumes, and seeds. They work together to accomplish their mission, “to promote a healthy, wholesome organic way of life with our local food products by inter-connecting farmers, community and consumers, supporting long term sustainability.”
Benco Foods is an 80-acre farm at Macgregor MB purchased in 2017 by Benjamin ?, who started converting it to an organic operation immediately. He grew up on an organic farm nearby, where the family worked together raising organic grains, edible beans and cattle using crop rotations and plow downs. Now on his own farm, Benjamin finds deeper meaning in the old saying "take care of your land and your land will take care of you," and he enjoys working together with nature to produce good food. In addition to Red Fife wheat and flour, Benco Foods produces oats, pinto beans, wheat, rye, potatoes, strawberries, carrots, onions, some other garden produce, and Manitoba maple syrup. The farm sells directly to consumers as much as possible and aims to make good food more trustworthy and affordable to people all over Manitoba.
The Boyd family is proud to offer Boyd’s Beef to the local community. Boyd’s Beef is all natural and grass finished on forages that are grown on healthy, biologically active soils. This ensures increased nutrient density and a desirable fatty acid profile in the meat. By purchasing Boyd’s Beef, not only are you buying a high quality, nutritious, locally produced, and processed product, you are buying into a production system that is constantly improving the natural resources on and around the farm. Boyd’s Beef is certified by Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) and the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Owner/operator Ryan Boyd recently completed a Nuffield Scholarship. Ryan’s knowledge and successful deployment of regenerative agriculture farming systems in raising his herd and his crop are a significant differentiating premium feature of the food that is sold off the land that he manages.
Adding to our already diverse province, Watersong Farms is host to a state of the art simulated indoor river teeming with tens of thousands of steelhead trout just 20 minutes northwest of Winnipeg in Manitoba's beautiful Interlake. Clearly sustainable and ensuring nothing but a positive impact on farmland and community, Watersong is able to provide the freshest possible fish to folks from all walks of life, close to home.
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